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Materials Used for Making Work Blades

The main components of a centerless grinder are its grinding wheel, a regulating wheel and a work support blade.

The centerless work blade is an important component in centerless grinding. The adjustable blade holds the work-piece in contact with the grinding wheel and at the same time with the regulating wheel. The roundness and surface finish quality will depend on the use of a proper blade. The length of the support blade depends on the width of the wheel. The blades have a 30 degree standard angle. With larger diameters of the work-piece, the blade angle will decrease.

There are different materials used for support blades. The following list provides a guide:

Material to be Ground: Blade Material

Soft Steel: Cast Iron
Non Ferrous Material: High speed Steel
Hardened Steel: Tungsten Carbide
Softer Material and Stainless Steel: Bronze
Aluminum: Ceramics

It is better to start with a hard blade material. You can switch over to a less hard material, if there is a problem of scoring of the material or "pick up" on the blade.

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